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Branding and Marketing, Strategy

The Pivot to Passive: Shopping in an Era of Algorithms

J. Walker Smith, Executive Chairman, presents The Pivot to Passive: Shopping in an Era of Algorithms at the 2017 WPP Global Retail Forum

Branding and Marketing, Demographic Trends

Millennial 2020

'Meet the children of millennials - is your business prepared for the storm of centennials?' presented by Henry Tucker at the Millennial 2020 conference.


The Third Age of Consumption

The Third Age of Consumption is at hand. Its defining feature is capacity. It is a new E.R.A. in which opportunities will be found in Experiences, Relationships and Algorithms.

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The Future of Consumption

The Future of Consumption will not be a continuation of the past or a succession of rollercoaster trends rising and falling along the rails of a fixed footing. Fundamental change is at work. Far from worrisome, though, there will be more, not fewer opportunities for building breakout brands. The Future of Consumption series will explore what tomorrow means for value and competitive advantage.

One Year On: 5 Takeaways About What’s Different and What’s Not

In the past year consumers and companies have had to come to terms with the direction in which politics and society veered. It has been a tumultuous year of change, yet amidst all the turmoil some things remain the same. In this FutureView webinar, Kantar Futures Executive Chairman J. Walker Smith will take stock of the marketplace and the future of consumption one year on, and offer an insightful strategic perspective on the 5 biggest takeaways about what's different and what's not.

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The Futures Academy

The Futures Academy is a one-day training to show how futures thinking can help your business grow in volatile and uncertain times.


FutureView Webinar

This webinar offers strategic guidance, outlining and exploring the imperatives for success in a marketplace of smaller worlds where the first priority of consumers has flipped from authenticity to allegiances.

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