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We unlock new sources of growth for our clients.

  • Our consulting services focus on strategic planning, consumer research and disruptive innovation.
  • Our subscription services provide insights into the critical trends shaping the consumer marketplace.

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What's New?

Upcoming events and new releases from THE FUTURES COMPANY

The Future of Personal Finance in Europe

Join us to explore the future landscape of personal finance 12 May, 2015 in London. This event is free. Email us to request an invitation. Space is limited   more

Meet the Centennials

Centennials are growing up with a less idealistic and more pragmatic edge. They’re facing situations that the Millennials didn’t have to deal with until early adulthood, and...  more

Client Testimonials

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National Best & Brightest 2014

Winner: 101 Best and Brightest Companies to work for


WPPD Cream Awards 2014

Highly Commended- Project Nextgame


WPPD Cream Awards 2014

Winner: Envisioning the Future of the 50+ Consumer

Free Thinking

Original thinking on important issues and their implications for business View more


The Millennials have left the building

It’s time to face the facts—the Era of Millennial Youth Marketing is over. A new generation has arrived—one that will...

An Overview of the Spending Impact of Cheaper Gas

For many companies, the big question of the moment is what cheaper gas means for consumer spending. Bottom line: for most...


FutureView 2015 “Uber All”

Tomorrow’s Vertex of Value in On-Demand, Premium, Dynamic Pricing and Personal Services

Reports | Published Client Reports

Making High Value Work

This Business Briefing outlines ways in which innovative businesses, in Finland and elsewhere, have done things differently...