Kantar Measure of Inspiration Awards 2014

Winner: The most inspirational behavior by a Kantar person/group of people

The most inspirational behavior by a Kantar group of people

The Core Values team led The Futures Company North America in articulating and embedding the company’s new core values - changing behaviors collectively and individually in the process. Their approach to engage all staff in the process when defining the values enabled a sense of control amongst staff and leaders alike, increasing engagement, energy and harmony.


WPP WPPED Cream Awards 2013

Rethinking Men Trend Event: Highly Commended

Altria decided to “rethink men”. They called for a dramatized presentation of the study to change hearts and minds.

A provocative invite with a teaser-quiz testing “modern men” marketing savvy brought standing room only. Posters and “museum shelves” showing iconic men, products and pop-cultural references of the decades since the 50s, went up inside Altria. A visual, gripping presentation led to an expert panel discussion. Days later, key clients came on an “activation” session in Raleigh.


WPP WPPED Cream Awards 2013

Why images are worth more words than ever: Winner

This essay for, from The Futures Company NY, highlights the rise of “visual culture”. It examines our communications and explores how images (for instance, 2 trillion new infographics a year) are supplanting text in this digital society.


WPP WPPED Cream Awards 2013

Futurama: Winner

The Futures Company created the Mondelez Futurama, a programme designed to point organisational mindset at the opportunities in H&W. Key to engagement was creativity. A graphic H&W opportunity map and an animated film set out a new H&W vision, summarising months of work in eleven minutes. Product concepts and “adcepts”, by a creative team and chef who developed tangible – and very edible – prototypes, inspired the brand teams (and accelerated H&W product development).


WPP WPPED Cream Awards 2013

U.S. Yankelovich MONITOR Download: Highly Commended

The new U.S. Yankelovich MONITOR Download remedies information overload with quick interactive summaries of the most significant new insights and trends in consumer topics. Like vitamin pills of knowledge.

Client reactions are hugely positive. One client said, “Download is like a choose-your-own-adventure book where every path has a great reward ... I just get familiar with them myself and then pass on the greatness.


Diageo Consumer Planning Awards 2013

Diageo Africa, Research Partner of the Year

"The award reflects the quality and impact of the work that The Futures Company has done with us in the last 18 months. Each of these pieces of work reflects the kind of quality, insight, and impact to which I aspire on every piece of work done in the region." - Andrew Geoghegan, Consumer Planning Director, Africa


Kantar Measure of Inspiration Awards 2013

Winner: Most inspirational piece of client work

New strategic direction for a client business unit.

The project "created a fundamental shift in the snacks business from health and wellness as a defensive play to health and wellness as a growth opportunity. It is also an inspirational example of creative storytelling through video and animation," said the judges.


Kantar Measure of Inspiration Awards 2013

Second place: Most inspirational piece of client work

Target audience definition for a global brand repositioning.

"It's rare as an experienced marketer to work with an insights team who both find and present the truth in ways that are accurate, fresh and full of brilliant nuance.  When it happens you find yourself having the confidence to bet your budget, business and indeed reputation on their findings. The Futures Company are such a team.” - Global Marketing Director, Lipton Ice Tea at PepsiCo


WPP Atticus Awards 2012

Winner: Grand Prix

Unlocking new sources of growth: How to find new value in new places’, Andrew Curry

The WPP Atticus Awards honor original published thinking of relevance to marketers everywhere, written by employees of the 200+ WPP companies.

The Grand Prix is awarded to the most outstanding submission of all the 10 category winners.

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