Business & Economy: in this section we focus on key macroeconomic trends, developments in the world of business and the financial attitudes and behavior of consumers.

Data Snapshot

% of respondents who feel a lot of anger when thinking about their country today: Big business maximizes profit at the expense of community and consumers

Source: Global MONITOR 2012



U.S. Yankelovich MONITOR Download on LGBTQ


18 November 2015

LGBTQ inforgraphic: Optimistic (But often overlooked) consumers

The Roadmap the the new America


The new U.S. Yankelovich MONITOR

6 July 2014

The Futures Company is celebrating the nation's birthday and the dawn of a new America by evolving to meet the needs of our clients, today and tomorrow.

Storytelling for consumer insights


Futures Blog

10 June 2014

As humans, we love stories. Our earliest, most treasured memories are often of our parents reading one to us before we went to sleep.

Don’t risk being sexist


Trend & Tonic

10 June 2014

In April, Veet released a series of ads called “Don’t Risk Dudeness” where women suddenly tranform into hairy men as soon as others realize they have not shaved their stubble.

Fighting cancer one tattoo at a time


Trend & Tonic

10 June 2014

Rates of skin cancer in Brazil are extremely high, especially among young adults. The sunscreen brand Sol de Janeiro saw an opportunity and decided to team up with those who work on young people’s skins everyday: tattoo artists.

Six Faces of the Global Consumer


Six Faces of the Global Consumer

29 May 2014

​Will Galgey, CEO of the Futures Company presents the Six Faces of the Global Consumer and explores key dynamics that will shape the global consumer marketplace over the next 10 years.


Five things I learnt at ‘Rethink’

16 April 2014

The Economist‘s “Rethink” conference, held recently in London, put up a range of speakers to talk about the plight of marketing in an age of consumer power. Or, as they put it, “The Big Rethink: This Time It’s Personal“. Here’s some of the things I learned.