Office Location: New York, Chicago or Chapel Hill


As a core member of client engagement teams, our Analysts provide critical support to senior executives in understanding client needs, designing and executing deliverables, and supporting new business development. Dynamism, eagerness and the ability to turn insights into inspiration describe our very best Analysts. Through research and attention to detail, you will become our brain trust: rich with knowledge on emerging cultural, economic, political, consumer and technological shifts. Perhaps most importantly, you will have the ability take that vast knowledge and distill it into critical, actionable insights for our clients.


Kantar Futures is a global consultancy with unparalleled expertise in insight and foresight for category leaders. With offices in the UK, US, Central and South America, China and Singapore, we provide consulting as well as research and advisory services to many of the world’s best-known brands. Our value lies in our ability to help clients profit from change. Our goals are simple: to help clients understand the changes taking place around them better, anticipate the opportunities that will arise, and shape a preferred future for their business before the competition.

Our team…is diverse with consultants from a variety of complementary disciplines including strategic qualitative research, analytics and quantitative research, foresight and futures, strategic innovation, design, marketing and branding, business and brand planning, and advertising. Combining these talents helps us deliver unique approaches—and results—for our clients.

Our approach…is future-focused, unique and tailored to clients’ needs. Rather than offering a standard, one-size-fits all approach to insights or innovation, we craft unique solutions for our clients. We pride ourselves on the continual development of new, creative ways to deliver insight, foresight and strategic recommendations to our clients using our multi-layered approaches. Importantly, our approach is grounded in two fundamental principles: first, our work is always future-focused, whether we are looking at planning next year or 10 years out. And second, our work is all about helping our clients profit from change. This is our starting point and we ensure our recommendations are focused on helping our clients grow.

Our knowledge base…is deep. We monitor, track and analyze the attitudes, values, preferences and behaviors of global consumers through our syndicated research assets, continually building our proprietary knowledgebase. We work across a range of industries from financial services, electronics and automotive to food and beverage—even as we develop expertise in core areas such as technology, health & wellness, and sustainability. We are pioneers in the study of generations, and are leaders in understanding the values of multicultural consumers.

Our values framework…is unique and honest. We are Driven by Excellence, give each other and clients 360-Degree Respect. We are Defined by Boldness and Fueled by Passion…while remaining Endlessly Curious and uniformly Fun Fanatics.


We are looking for someone with a strong mix of analytical rigor and creative thinking. Someone who can take research, data, facts, and numbers and bring them to life: our job is to help our clients profit from change.

Aside from being a key—and client facing—contributor on active engagements, Analysts also assist in project management and new business development. This may include contributing to proposals, supporting others in following up on new business leads, as well as supporting the consulting team in developing deeper relationships and new opportunities with our existing clients.