EMEA Consulting Team

London, UK


Company Overview

 Kantar Futures is a strategic planning consultancy that applies our unparalleled expertise in foresight and futures to unlock new sources of growth for our clients. We provide strategic consulting and subscription-based insight services for many of the world’s best known companies and brands, such as Unilever, Coca Cola, Diageo and Kraft.  Our value lies not just in our knowledge of consumer needs and what will drive change in the future, but also in our ability to apply this understanding to our clients’ business problems, helping them to better leverage opportunities and reduce risk. The result of our work often leads to new and unexpected avenues of growth for our clients, including building innovation pipelines, identifying new target audiences, better understanding their own and adjacent or even non-adjacent categories and macro situations, like sustainability and health and wellness.

We are a strong team of consultants with backgrounds from an array of complementary disciplines including futures and foresight, strategic qualitative, analytics and quantitative, marketing and branding, business planning, advertising and design.  Our wide range of perspectives enables us to solve complex client challenges with creative and holistic solutions.

 Kantar Futures is part of Kantar, the research and consultancy arm of WPP with all the links and reach this provides. We are an international business with offices in London, New York, North Carolina, Chicago, Brazil, Argentina, Singapore and Shanghai, and active partnerships in India and Poland

What we’re looking for in a graduate analyst


We are looking for superstars – dynamic, strategic, creative and analytic thinkers to join our consulting team as graduate analysts.

Ideal candidates are insightful, strategic thinkers, highly attuned to the world – and the people – around them.  They have a strong academic background, a willingness to take on responsibility, stretch challenges, and a keen interest in marketing, general business, and current affairs.   We are more interested in how you apply your experience and thinking than in your actual CV.

What you’ll get from the experience

As a graduate, you’ll start as a complete beginner, learning on the job with different people and receiving a rigorous induction, followed by formal, structured training in our multi-disciplined approaches.  You’ll experience working on human and cultural insight projects with multi-skilled teams helping clients answer a range of questions related to innovation, future growth opportunities and trend analysis.  Graduates will be exposed to some of the work we do that lie behind well-known brands, will have a keen eye for emerging trends and happenings, with an inquisitive mind and be engaged and curious about the world – and people – around them.  Current graduates and post-grads will benefit from this unique opportunity – no one day is the same.  One day you might be helping a client answer such questions as ‘what is the future of the workplace?’ or ‘what is the future of shopping?’, the next you could be looking at exploring growth opportunities for women in Africa, or the changes in eating or drinking habits worldwide.  You’ll get to meet clients, write first drafts and contribute to proposals; work on projects end to end and get exposure to the valuable art of project management.

Useful knowledge, skills and abilities

Kantar Futures always wants to hear from the best and brightest. We offer a unique and empowered learning environment.  So, if you’re looking for an intellectually stimulating opportunity to get your hands dirty with some real experience and develop your career, please submit your cover letter and CV, including your dates of availability (see below).

Based in our London offices, the graduate programme intake is typically in September/October.  We are looking for candidates who would be available for the September 2017 intake, and are available for interview in August.

Kantar Futures contacts:  recruitment@kantarfutures.com


We are an equal opportunity employer, and invite job applications from all qualified and eligible individuals irrespective of race, age, gender, religion, marital status, disability or sexual orientation.