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Consume Less

Branding and Marketing

Brand Marketing And The New World Of Less

Less is the future. Some of what’s less is structural. We are facing natural limits of critical resources including key metals and minerals, water, land proximate to economic hubs, and cheap energy supplies. Threats… Read More »

Big Data

Branding and Marketing

A Brand Marketers Guide To Big Data

One of the big questions on the table for brand marketers is what to do with Big Data. The presumption is that more data means better marketing, but finding the… Read More »


Branding and Marketing

Brand Marketing and the Future of New Media

These days, we tell ourselves that we are living in an era of new media. True enough, although maybe not quite so true as we like to think. It all… Read More »

Brand Simplicity

Branding and Marketing

Simplification: Opportunity For Brands

Simplification is not a trend. That’s not to say it’s unimportant. It’s only to say that you should look askance when you hear simplification being bandied about as the next… Read More »

Understanding Sources

Branding and Marketing

Understanding new sources of growth

Written by Andrew Curry, Director, Kantar Futures Finding and developing new markets is one of the core activities of business. Looking for growth is more challenging in a post-crisis world where… Read More »

Brand Machine

Branding and Marketing

The brand: The machine that makes the difference

The concept of businesses purely chasing shareholder value is a relatively recent and flawed one; those that also have a social purpose stand out more, engender loyalty and focus on… Read More »

Google Walk

Branding and Marketing

Brands And The New View Of Social Influence

There are two kinds of interaction in social webs – asking and telling. The traditional view of social influence is all about telling. The new view is more about asking,… Read More »

Illusion of Faster

Branding and Marketing

Brand Marketing and the Illusion of Faster

It’s said that the marketplace is cycling faster than ever these days. No doubt this is true, but at least a part of this sensation of a brisker pace is… Read More »

Category Killers

Branding and Marketing

Brand Innovation: The Best Category Killer

A recent Wall Street Journal headline stopped me in my tracks: “Is Innovation Killing the Soap Business?” When I put this story down, I was even more confounded. Could it… Read More »


Branding and Marketing

Brand Building In A Hi-Tech World

Evgeny Morozov is a scold. Little if anything about the direction in which digital technologies are moving these days meets with his approval. Morozov is not alone. A small coterie of… Read More »

Power of Collaboration

Branding and Marketing

The Future of Global Brands

We live in a time of uncertainty. Since the shock of the 2008 economic collapse, many people feel their foundations have been eroded. The 2010 Global MONITOR report highlighted the… Read More »