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The 2016 Election: What’s next for marketers?

The most tumultuous and acrimonious national election in modern history is over, and the people have spoken. But for strategy professionals and marketers, the questions about the future are just beginning to take shape. J. Walker Smith explores the questions critical to the future U.S. marketplace.

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Does your brand connect with today’s men?

Learn how to be successful in marketing to men today and sign up to access to our premium content: Download on Men, an interactive summary of critical insights into men from the U.S. Yankelovich MONITOR knowledge base.

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It’s MONITOR Connect season

The MONITOR Connect service enables you to add questions into one or more of our MONITOR surveys, thereby allowing you to cut and organize the data by the consumer groups and target segments most important and meaningful to your organization. Find out how you can participate in MONITOR Connect today.