Future Perspective

The Future Shopper

How changing shopper attitudes and technology are re-shaping retail

The Future Shopper —  new insight from The Futures Company and Kantar Retail Digital technologies, consumer expectations and socio-economic change are combining to transform the way we shop—and this has future implications for suppliers, manufacturers and retailers alike. The Future Shopper Future Perspective explores the growing complexity of the shopping experience and how the increasing blur between virtual and physical environments can be managed. It introduces a model to help retailers and manufacturers sharpen up strategies to meet the needs of the shoppers of the future.  The Future Shopper includes these essential insights:

  • what e-commerce means beyond shopping online
  • how retailers and suppliers can keep pace with growing expectations from consumers
  • which key social and economic trends are shaping shopper behavior
  • how this behavioral evolution will play out in different marketplaces
  • the Nine Rules for the new retail environment

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