Health & Wellness: in this section we explore some of the key trends and dynamics shaping the health and wellness landscape.


Upcoming Webinar

10 April 2014

Join The Futures Company and KBMG for an exploration of the the five keys to successful healthcare consumer engagement.


Health & Wellness: Boomers and Aging

7 March 2014

The future for Boomers is a matter of both a presence and influence. Despite practical constraints, uncertain times and inevitable aging, Boomers intend to go the distance and they know that staying young is the key to maintaining relevance and regard.


The Consumer Health Mindset

26 February 2014

This study explores perspectives, attitudes and behaviors that employees and dependents hold toward health and health care as they interact with their employer-sponsored health plans and wellness programs.


Health & Wellness: A Multicultural Perspective

19 February 2014

The state of healthcare among ethnic consumers has unique cultural characteristics, including distinctive healthcare barriers and mindsets. That’s why a focus on cultural relevance is of enhanced importance when addressing them and their specific needs and challenges.

TENSION: Health penalties and pushback



U.S. Yankelovich MONITOR

4 November 2013

Pennsylvania State University recently found itself embroiled in controversy when its wellness program required employees to provide detailed health information or face a $100-per-month fine.

GetFit with GlassFit


Trend & Tonic

Our trends & culture blog

1 November 2013

GlassFit, an app being developed for Google Glass, has created an exercise experience unlike any other.

AMA declares obesity a disease


Trend & Tonic

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16 July 2013

Since the American Medical Association announced their decision to define obesity as a disease, doctors are now obligated to diagnose and treat their obese patients as such.