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Who You Are

You’ve never accepted the status quo. You’re excited by new ideas to address marketing needs—but just like you, innovation has to deliver.

What You're Facing

Challenging growth goals. Share pressure. Stale campaign ROI. Underperforming expansion markets. Whatever the specifics, something is limiting your success and you have to tackle a wicked marketing challenge.

What You Need

You’re using everything at hand: demos, category metrics, campaign response. But you're limited to consumers’ interactions with your brand. You need a holistic perspective that enhances what you know and makes it easier to get the right offer to the right person in the right place with the right message.

You Need MotiveMix

MotiveMix® is a portfolio of individual attitudinal dimensions that link to the populations at the center of your growth strategies—be they high-value customers, high-potential prospects, or residents of a critical geographical area.

Why MotiveMix?
  • Built from and linked to the pre-eminent consumer attitudinal study in the U.S.
  • Delivers the “why” behind the “what” for deeper connections around what matters most in consumers’ lives
  • Pre-scored on a marketing database of more than 240MM U.S. adults, improving speed to market
  • Integrates with your existing marketing platforms to transform insights into marketplace actions at scale
  • No starting over—MotiveMix upgrades the segmentations, models and targets you’re using today
  • Cost-effective new insights that will deliver greater ROI and won't break your marketing budget

How does it help? It optimizes your messaging, targeting, and overall marketing strategy. Clients are using it for …

Brand Messaging A long-standing, innovative communications agency used MotiveMix to get a 360-degree view of trendsetting parents, crafting more personally relevant client messages that cut through noise and capture this critical target's attention
Merchandise Strategy A multi-billion dollar home-appliance company used MotiveMix to target stores in areas with the highest concentration of novelty- and influence-seeking consumers, sharpening the launch plan for a future-focused new product
Market Prioritization A leading alcohol beverage company used MotiveMix to fine-tune expansion markets based on attitudinal similarity to current high-performing markets
Retention Targeting One of the country’s largest telecom providers used MotiveMix to understand customer churn motivations and identify different offer strategies for different profiles to prevent the behavior
Product Evolution A beloved entertainment brand used MotiveMix to understand the evolving motivations, needs of its customer segments, helping to shape the innovation strategy of a mature product offer
Local Execution A regional energy provider used MotiveMix to deconstruct key customer attitudes down to the neighborhood level, refining micro-target initiatives within one of the states largest metros

The Current MotiveMix Portfolio*

Cultural Connection
Wanting to celebrate and express one's cultural heritage/background
Continuous Learning
Seeking out opportunities to learn new skills or advance personal growth
Financial Optimism
Feeling financially secure and in control of one's financial future
Novelty Aspirations
Seeking new experiences and spontaneity
Turning to faith and religion to guide decisions in one's life
Being and early adopter and spreading the word about one's discoveries
Family Orientation
Prioritizing family needs and identifying oneself via one's family unit
Tech Disposition
Wanting sophisticated digital solutions and finding new technology easy and intuitive to use
Cultural Exploration
Seeking out different cultural experiences and acknowledging the influence of other cultures on one's lifestyle choices
Appearance Aspirations
Valuing one's external appearance and maintaining it through style, fitness, and overall lifestyle
Natural Preferences
Actively seeking natural, chemical-free, and minimally processed products for the good of one's health and safety
Promoting sustainability through lifestyle actions and marketplace choices for the good of one's health and the health of the planet

*We’re always growing and exploring new consumer motivations… more dimensions coming in H2 2017

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