How to futureproof your business model
in an uncertain world

The battle for growth and how to find it is the latest step on a journey we have been on with our clients over several years.

During the course of 2016, we were looking at the problems of slow growth and the impact that it had on our clients’ performance. This led — inevitably — to working with clients on strategic innovation, using our futures thinking and futures methods as a way to help people re-frame their thinking and see their growth and innovation challenges in new ways.

The result is a fresh wave of thinking – identifying new approaches organisations can take to tackle growth and innovation challenges, looking right across the value chain.

In this website you’ll find interviews from business leaders and content that will help you think about innovation in fresh ways, and find new pools of growth.

Future Perspective

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The combination of slowing economic growth and high volatility creates a dual challenge for businesses. We need to look for growth in different ways. So we need to think differently about how we approach future innovation.

Slow Growth Article

Management Today interviewed our thought leaders on business model innovation, referencing our work.

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Business Leaders Q&A

Kicking off our series of Q&A, we spoke with Ahad Afridi, CMO and Brand Advocate at Yildiz Holding

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On March 14th 2017 we hosted an event which pushed our innovation thinking forward with the help of senior business leaders and a strong panel; we created a set of five provocations about the new rules of innovation.