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FutureView Webinar

This webinar offers strategic guidance, outlining and exploring the imperatives for success in a marketplace of smaller worlds where the first priority of consumers has flipped from authenticity to allegiances.

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The 2016 Election: What’s next for marketers?

The most tumultuous and acrimonious national election in modern history is over, and the people have spoken. But for strategy professionals and marketers, the questions about the future are just beginning to take shape. J. Walker Smith explores the questions critical to the future U.S. marketplace.

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Does your brand connect with today’s men?

Learn how to be successful in marketing to men today and sign up to access to our premium content: Download on Men, an interactive summary of critical insights into men from the U.S. Yankelovich MONITOR knowledge base.

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Kantar today launches a new corporate identity, for the parent brand and its 12-strong family of operating brands, designed to create a much more unified look and feel across the whole business. The company also announces the launch of two new operating brands.

Defying Gravity

Slower growth is the new normal for the global economy, and it has business leaders worried. The fear is “a world of zeroes,” the phrase used by Nigel Wilson, Global CEO of insurance giant Legal and General, to describe a world of zero inflation, zero GDP growth per capita, and zero productivity growth. In short, a global economy in which progress is zeroed out.


Kantar Futures and CMA explore the new country music fan in joint study

A new study titled “Understanding Today’s Shifting Consumer Landscape and Changing Country Music Audiences, Music Choices, and Behaviors" conducted by The Futures Company for the Country Music Association, finds the country music audience is seeing its fastest growth in non-white, Hispanic, and Millennial listeners.


The Consumer Health Mindset Report 2016

The study explores the health attitudes, motivators, and preferences of consumers across the U.S.— particularly employees and their dependents as they interact with their employer-sponsored health plans, wellness programs, and the broader health landscape.

Why Behind the Buy: Using Attitudinal Insights to Drive Growth

This presentation demonstrates how companies that are using an actionable attitudinal understanding of their customers – the “why behind the buy” – are driving enhanced response and results.

Why MINI’s Big Tent strategy was the real winner of Super Bowl 50

Written by J. Walker Smith
All in all, Super Bowl 50 was probably not the best year for creative, but one campaign stood out head and shoulders above the mass of mediocrity.

Is your credit union ready to profit from change?

Today only 23% of Millennials use credit unions as their primary banking institution but to win the future, credit unions need to win with the Millennial generation. Download our complimentary infographic on Winning with Millennials and learn more about our U.S. Yankelovich MONITOR Credit Union Solution package.

Home Industry

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The Future of Home

As homebuilding slowly recovers from the financial crisis, consumers are reassessing what home means to them. Download our complimentary infographic Millennial Homeowners? and register to access our premium content on the future of home.


LIVING Well Silver 65+ Segmentation

The LIVING Well segmentation—created by Kantar Futures—identifies six unique consumer segments who differ in their health challenges and health engagement, enabling insightful profiles and impactful and targeted communications and programs.

Cultural Orientation System2

Cultural Orientation System

The quintessential tool for engaging in polycultural America Polyculturalism: diversity has reached a point where it has become an inescapable part of the everyday fabric of life and of individuals’… Read More »