The quintessential tool for engaging in polycultural America

Polyculturalism: diversity has reached a point where it has become an inescapable part of the everyday fabric of life and of individuals’ identity.

POLYCULTURAL AMERICA IS the context in which Hispanic consumers are living, working and consuming. It marks the Hispanic experience, which is about continuously balancing not two but many different cultures. Hispanics are also a major driver of polyculturalism in the U.S., especially those born in the mainland United States, and this is why engaging Hispanics today means reaching far beyond this consumer group; it means connecting with polycultural America itself. Kantar Futures developed an innovative lens to look at the marketplace and identify the role of culture and heritage in consumer behavior: a cultural orientation model. This new framework replaces acculturation models that reduce people to their language skills or place of birth. The Cultural Orientation System looks at how consumers define their identity and connect with culture—the one they inherited as well as others. This understanding gives brands the opportunity to reach them in meaningful, relevant ways. It also prepares marketers to develop cultural intelligence and futureproof their brand for the demands of an increasingly polycultural marketplace.

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Cultural Orientation System

Compass in the total market to identify where consumers are in regards to culture.
Four discrete cultural orientations equals four different marketing approaches.

Cultural Orientation System Chart

Getting the Cultural Orientation System Working for You

Strategy: The Cultural Orientation System takes into account all race/ethnic segments and helps identify the right brand strategy and message for the target audience.
Segmentation: For categories in which culture plays a significant role (health, beauty, home, parenting, etc.), the COS is a great lens for a consumer segmentation.
Future Foresight: As we look at future trajectories, the COS helps decipher the evolution of the consumer mindset in relation to cultural identity and how that will shape consumer decisions.