Why Behind the Buy: Using Attitudinal Insights to Drive Growth

Emerging from the recession with a stronger foothold on their future, American consumers are forever changed – in their attitudes towards spending, in how they value what’s important and in how they want to engage with companies. There are opportunities for growth – if you know how to capitalize on the changing consumer trends.

This presentation shares elements of its MONITOR State of the Consumer research featuring ground-breaking changes in the consumer mind-set and how companies that recognize and execute segmented strategies are engaging consumers, driving changes in behavior and growing their business. Lined with case studies from leading companies in healthcare, pharma, telecom and housing, this presentation will demonstrate how companies that are using an actionable attitudinal understanding of their customers – the “why behind the buy” – are driving enhanced response and results.

Why Behind the Buy was originally presented March 22, 2016 at the Data4Decisions Conference.

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