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Both Head and Heart


Both Head and Heart

The Emotional and Rational Mindsets of Multicultural Consumers Why Understanding the fluid intersection of emotion and rationality is key to connecting with multicultural consumers UWG partnered with Kantar Futures to research… Read More »

Millennials Left Building

Demographic Trends

The Millennials have left the building

It’s time to face the facts—the Era of Millennial Youth Marketing is over. A new generation has arrived—one that will create new rules for the marketplace, and have influence beyond… Read More »


Know Demand Marketing

As much as technology is enabling marketers to get closer to consumers, it is also enabling consumers to push further away from marketers. Increasingly, programmatic marketing to reach individual consumers… Read More »

Model Behavior


Model Behaviour

Kantar Futures’ 21st Century Business report analyses how macro trends are reshaping corporations and how they need to adapt to ensure future success. Imke Schuller explains what this means for the… Read More »


Demographic Trends, Strategy

Japan: Between an end and a beginning

The year 2015 finds Japan in a unique and critical juncture in its history. This year, the country lies precisely at the midpoint between two watershed moments that will have… Read More »

High Value Manifesto


The High Value Manifesto

The Association for Finnish Work, an independent, non-profit organisation owned by its members and founded in 1912, exists to promote Finnish work and the successful long-term development of Finnish industry… Read More »

Uber all business model


The Uber-all economy: A challenge to traditional business models

Uber is the poster-child for the future of consumer businesses. as a car service, it is not only remaking transportation but pioneering a new way forward for all categories. J.… Read More »

Infographic Default

Demographic Trends

Gen X Infographic

An infographic on Generation X, covering demographics, values, finance and household dynamics.

Price of Gas

Macroforces (Technology/Economy)

An Overview of the Spending Impact of Cheaper Gas

Written by J. Walker Smith, Executive Chairman, Kantar Futures For many companies, the big question of the moment is what cheaper gas means for consumer spending. Five elements frame the answer:… Read More »

Infographic Default

Demographic Trends

Centennial Infographic

Centennials are growing up with a less idealistic and more pragmatic edge. They’re facing situations that the Millennials didn’t have to deal with until early adulthood, and as a result,… Read More »

Uber All


FutureView 2015 “Uber All”

Tomorrow’s Vertex of Value in On-Demand, Premium, Dynamic Pricing A confluence of factors — technological, economic and demographic — have come together in recent years to lay the foundation for… Read More »

Making High Value Word


Making High Value Work

Your gateway to new thinking about growing your business The world of work is changing. People are living and working differently, while the global financial crisis has forced governments and… Read More »

Family Collage


Allianz LoveFamilyMoney Study

Over the past 40 years, shifting demographics and profound attitudinal changes have helped redefine the concept of “family” for many Americans. To understand how this evolving family structure is changing… Read More »

High Value Work


The High Value Work Agenda

  What is high value work? Despite the pressing need for it, there is little consensus yet. For the purposes of this project, we have created a definition by looking… Read More »

21st Century Business


The 21st Century Business

Planning for success in a changing world The corporation is at a crossroads. The businesses that we have grown up with and the business models that underpin them face deep… Read More »