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Happiness: Mapping New Directions

This edition includes: New Directions in Happiness: Consumers look for meaning as well as materialism The Future of Global Brands: Why the next generation will be built on co-creation The… Read More »

Power of Collaboration

Branding and Marketing

The Future of Global Brands

We live in a time of uncertainty. Since the shock of the 2008 economic collapse, many people feel their foundations have been eroded. The 2010 Global MONITOR report highlighted the… Read More »

World 2020

Emerging Markets, Strategy

The World in 2020

Introduction The world in 2020 will be very different from that of 2011, and certainly from 2000. During the long globalizing boom since the 1980s, we became accustomed to navigating… Read More »

Health's Open Futures


Health’s Open Futures

This edition includes: How consumers view health is their body a car, fortress or tree? Active Aging: How social exclusion impacts health. The future of UK Health and Wellness four… Read More »

Unmasking Millennials

Demographic Trends

Unmasking Millennials

Global segmentation which unpicks the myths and realities about the generation of twenty-somethings now taking center stage in the global economy.

East Meets West

Emerging Markets, Strategy

East Meets West

The growth of the Asian economies is one of the central economic and cultural stories of our time. But it is still widely misunderstood. Kantar Futures was commissioned by HSBC to… Read More »