The Future of Consumption is a biweekly podcast from Kantar Futures about change, disruption, innovation and reinventing the consumer marketplace. Hosted by Chairman J. Walker Smith from Atlanta and Director Andrew Curry from London, each episode delves into a featured topic and includes regular, recurring segments spotlighting articles, news and opinions from around the Web and other Kantar thought-leaders.


Episode 1: The Third Age of Consumption

This episode takes a long look at the limits of cognitive, economic and resource capacities now forcing companies to reinvent their business models to measure up to consumers who want to Live Large yet Carry Little through experiences, relationships and algorithms.

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Episode 2: Centennials – The Post-Millennial Generation Rising

This episode takes an in-depth look at Centennials, the next generation on the horizon, with special insights about Centennial values and aspirations provided by Kantar Futures consultants and youth experts Jo Phillips and Kate Turkcan.

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