Centennial Blueprint

Your Guide to Harnessing Cenntennial-led Change

The Centennial Blueprint is Kantar Consulting’s approach to helping brands anticipate and harness disruption in their industry. To stay ahead of competitors and win with tomorrow’s audience, brands must turn to the audience driving this change: Centennials. Drawing on our decades of proprietary research, generational expertise, and robust quantitative survey data, this process identifies Centennials’ dominant Motivations, illuminates the most critical Drivers of Change specific to your industry, and pinpoints Paths to Growth unique to your business.

The Centennial Blueprint leverages a leading-edge process that can be tailored to virtually any industry or target consumer to create a future-focused growth plan for your business

What’s Included?

In addition to providing a rich foundational understanding of the key facts and figures about the Centennial generation (b. 1997 to Present), the Centennial Blueprint includes the following:

Target Insight


We uncover the unique attitudes, values and lifestyles that fuel Centennials’ lives and distinguish them from the Millennial generation. Through a comprehensive overview of their formative years, context, and the core values that guide them, we provide the insight and nuance needed to give you a “flesh on the bone” understanding of the generation driving change today and in the future.

Industry Foresight

To anticipate what’s coming next, it’s critical to recognize the forces shaping tomorrow’s consumer landscape. We highlight the top 10-12 Drivers of Change most relevant to Centennials and, more importantly, to your industry, enabling you to seize opportunities and mitigate threats.

Strategic Guidance

Finally, after analyzing the relationships between the Motivations and Drivers of Change, we develop distinct Paths to Growth, or action-oriented strategies, to gain Centennial market share today and in the future.


A Legacy of Generational Expertise

Having studied generations and the youth lifestage for decades, Kantar Consulting applied its unique expertise on Centennials to develop this groundbreaking approach to being truly relevant with this generation.

Leadership on Youth Culture

We incorporate penetrating findings from our youth practice and observations from our Cultural Streetscapes Network on key issues and trends shaping this generation.

Best Practices and Proof Points

Interspersed throughout the perspective are examples from leading-edge brands that are resonating with Centennials as well as hard-hitting attitudinal data validating our findings.

Deploying the Centennial Blueprint

Activation Workshop

Featuring Kantar Consulting’s trained consultants applying the Paths to Growth to your business issues, this half-day workshop with key stakeholders in your organization is the recommended way to activate Centennial strategies for your future growth.

  • A set of inspiring ideas that you can take to market
  • Hands-on exercises that engage and energize participants
  • An opportunity to “get on the same page” about your organization’s Centennial strategy
  • Save