Millennial Vanguard

Your Guide to Winning with Millennials

The Millennial Vanguard is Kantar Futures’ approach to helping businesses realize growth opportunities with the largest and most influential generation in the United States today. Leveraging our decades of proprietary research on Millennials, generational expertise and robust quantitative survey data, this process identifies Millennials’ dominant motivations, illuminates the most critical Drivers of Change specific to your industry and, pinpoints Paths to Growth unique to your business. The result: strategic guidance that helps you anticipate change, leverage disruption and win with Millennials.

Millennial Vanguard

Specific industry focus includes the following:

*Note: Additional industry-focused Millennial Vanguards are available at an incremental cost/timing.

Benefits of the Millennial Vanguard:

  • It provides a common understanding and grounding on the Millennial generation
  • It identifies disruptive forces and pinpoints new opportunities & threats
  • It guides strategic initiatives
  • It drives positioning and branding efforts
  • It informs go-forward marketing and planning
  • It aids and updates your organization’s change agenda

What’s Included?

In addition to providing a rich foundational understanding of the key facts, figures and context about the Millennial generation (b. 1979 to 1996), the Millennial Vanguard includes the following:

Fresh Millennial Motivations


With many Millennials just emerging from their formative years and primed to usher in unprecedented change, it’s essential for businesses to examine the full impact of the social, technological and economic volatility that has characterized the context of their lives. We provide three motivations based upon Millennials’ core values, all of which are designed to guide your marketing, positioning, innovation, and communication strategies.

Industry-specific Drivers of Change

To anticipate what’s coming next, it’s critical to understand the drivers of change that are poised to shape the consumer landscape of tomorrow. We identify the top 10-12 drivers of change most relevant to Millennials and, more importantly, to your industry, enabling a future- focused growth plan.

Paths to Growth for your business

Finally, after analyzing the relationships between the Millennial Motivations and Drivers of Change, we develop distinct Paths to Growth, or action oriented strategies to help your business win with Millennials in the future.


A Legacy of Generational Expertise

Having studied generations and the youth lifestage for decades, Kantar Futures applied its unique expertise on Millennials in developing this groundbreaking approach to winning with this generation.

Millennial Experts

We incorporate our Millennial thought-leaders, Streetscapers and consultants’ perspectives on key insights and issues important to this generation throughout this work.

Marketplace Manifestations and Data

Interspersed throughout the approach are examples from leading-edge brands connecting with Millennials as well as hard hitting attitudinal data supporting our POV with proof points.