The U.S. MONITOR’s foresights on the consumer marketplace help the most innovative businesses in the world anticipate change with confidence. Featuring a mix of provocative thought-leadership, rigorous data and on-demand guidance, our strategic thinking delivers the consumer-centricity businesses need to stay on the leading edge of change.

Our Expertise

Our perspectives are supported by a rigorous analysis of our proprietary U.S. MONITOR tracking study on consumer values, lifestyles and motivations and is bolstered with on-the-ground observations from our cultural streetscapes network. We have special expertise on generations, youth, and polycultural consumers, the primary sources of accelerated change.

Our content offers penetrating commentary and implications on the entire spectrum of change occurring in the American marketplace. We deliver a continuous flow of insights on key consumer segments, assessments on the key drivers of change, analysis of emerging trends and annual big-picture perspectives that shape strategy, positioning, innovation, marketing communication and more.

The Big Picture

Annual, future-facing perspectives on the U.S., youth, and polycultural landscapes

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Drivers of Change

Macro-level forces
shaping the marketplace

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Consumer and cultural opportunities
for future growth

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Quantitative and qualitative insights and
analysis for a total consumer view

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U.S. MONITOR insights were “the driving force behind our big idea.”WARC Case Study
Cannes Creative Lions, Creative Effectiveness Awards
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