U.S. Yankelovich MONITOR

What is it?

The U.S. Yankelovich MONITOR subscription service helps forward-thinking marketers interpret the changing American consumer marketplace and seize tomorrow’s opportunities today. It is your roadmap to the New America.

What does it do for you?

Clients of the U.S. Yankelovich MONITOR subscription service can expect to receive the following types of benefits from our regular stream of insights.

US Yankelovich MONITOR Inspiration


To compete in today’s competitive marketplace, businesses and brands need big ideas that help them keep pace with the evolving attitudes and values of American consumers. The U.S. Yankelovich MONITOR delivers this critical inspiration through the following regular newsletters, reports and thought-pieces:

  • Marketplace MONITOR: Our annual perspective on the opportunities in the U.S. marketplace explores ways that brands can seize the moment and channel the gathering strength and energy of the consumer. VIEW A SAMPLE
  • J. Walker Smith’s FutureView: An provocative annual webinar event presented by Kantar Futures’ Executive Chairman, J. Walker Smith that projects the major marketplace developments likely to shape the years ahead. VIEW A SAMPLE
  • LIVE Spotlights: A monthly webinar series that takes a deep and engaging look at key consumer groups, trends or issues of importance to the consumer and strategic insights community. VIEW A SAMPLE
  • New America Deep Dive Report: A comprehensive POV delving into the major issues and developments in the multicultural community with recommendations for how marketers can leverage these insights. VIEW A SAMPLE
  • Cultural Intelligence Quarterly (CIQ): A perspective that delivers deep cultural insights on polycultural America and specific ethnic consumer issues, enriched by the perspective of our Streetscaper network. The CIQ delivers a strategic perspective on the market, providing timely short-term implications for business planning and ideas for marketing executions. VIEW A SAMPLE

The Yankelovich MONITOR’s insights were “the driving force behind our big idea.”WARC Case Study
Cannes Creative Lions, Creative Effectiveness Awards, 2011
Unilever Dove Men + Care


Decision Support


Information is everywhere today, but truly dependable insights are still as scarce as ever. The U.S. Yankelovich MONITOR’s team of seasoned, experienced experts separate the signal from the noise and provide our clients with the clear-eyed, fact-based assessment that they can rely upon when making big decisions. You need reliable data and trustworthy insights to make your important decisions; that is just what the U.S. Yankelolvich MONITOR provides.

Our clients receive this decision support through the following components of a subscription:

  • U.S. Yankelovich MONITOR database: The longest continuously running tracking study of American attitudes, values, lifestyles and priorities. Now both nationally and ethnically representative (African American, Hispanic and Asian American).
  • MONITOR Connect: A service that enables linkage of brand or category specific questions into the Yankelovich MONITOR surveys, allowing the ability to cut and organize the data by the consumer groups and target segments most important to your organization. VIEW VIDEO
  • MONITOR Download: A series of interactive graphics and 1-2 page briefs summarizing the most important foresights related to key consumer segments and topics of interest to our clients. VIEW A SAMPLE
  • Multicultural Core Values and Consumer Keys: A library of fundamental insights reports that provide a baseline architecture for multicultural marketing outreach and communication, outlining our assumptions, insights pillars and key POVs. VIEW A SAMPLE
  • Cultural Orientation System: A framework for determining where your target consumers land on our proprietary cultural openness and attachment scale and how to apply it to your business. VIEW A SAMPLE
  • MONITOR Minute: Concise analysis and summary of an important trend or consumer values shift that suggests opportunity for business growth. VIEW A SAMPLE
  • U.S. Macroeconomic Perspective: A quarterly perspective on an important economic development shaping the U.S. marketplace with an analysis of short- and long-term meaning for marketers. VIEW A SAMPLE

“I do not want to think about what my life would be like without this resource.”Visa USA’s VP Research Services



The U.S. Yankelovich MONITOR isn’t just a vendor for your services; we’re a partner, understanding the business challenges our clients face and consulting with them every step of the way. Our team of diverse consumer experts collaborate with clients to translate the complex marketplace developments into true opportunities.

Just some of the ways our clients use to get the most out of their MONITOR subscription are the following:

  • Consulting retainers: A “bank” of dollars to be applied toward a customized solution or on-demand answer by our team of dedicated MONITOR consultants. Popular applications include target analysis and refinement (Consumer 10x), trend validation (TrendNostic) and deep dives into specific topic areas (POVs).
  • Advisory Debriefs: On-demand teleconferences with MONITOR consumer experts about key topics, trends and segments. These 60-minute sessions provide rapid-turn responses on questions that demand quick answers..
  • MONITOR Activate workshops: A two-hour interactive session that combines a high-level exploration of key dynamics shaping the marketplace with proven exercises designed to help your teams begin to identify, prioritize and take action on the resulting challenges and growth opportunities for your business.
  • In-person presentations: Delivered by our team of expert storytellers and presenters, we help socialize big ideas and trends such as the State of the Consumer, New America Deep Dive and other topical areas throughout our clients’ organizations.

“Through the application of Yankelovich MONITOR data and insights, Kantar Futures has helped us to identify the most relevant consumer trends for our business and leverage the most actionable dynamics to take advantage of growth opportunities.” Consumer Insights Manager
Trends, Fortune 500 Company