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The Future of Consumption: Music Lessons

There are many lessons brands can learn from the digital disruption of the music industry, but the biggest lesson of all is that success in the future of consumption will require new business models not just new products.

Branding and Marketing, Strategy

The Pivot to Passive: Shopping in an Era of Algorithms

J. Walker Smith, Executive Chairman, presents The Pivot to Passive: Shopping in an Era of Algorithms at the 2017 WPP Global Retail Forum

Branding and Marketing, Demographic Trends, Macroforces (Technology/Economy), Strategy

Defying Gravity:

Sources of Growth in a Slower Growth Global Economy

by J. Walker Smith, Andrew Curry, Joe Ballantyne and Mark Inskip Slower growth is the new normal for the global economy, and it has business leaders worried. The fear is… Read More »

Programmatic Consumption

Macroforces (Technology/Economy)

Programmatic Consumption: The Consumer Face of the Digital Tomorrow

Presented by J. Walker Smith GroupM Next conference, New York City, October 27, 2015 Far more important than the ways in which digital has changed how marketers connect with consumers… Read More »


Demographic Trends

The Uber-all Economy

Health club loyalty in the new economy Imke Schuller of Kantar Futures reports on health club loyalty in the new economy The world’s biggest provider of accommodation does not own a… Read More »

Rethinking Digital


Rethinking Digital Customer Engagement

by Walker Smith The biggest technology trend these days is about less of it not more. Perhaps most emblematic of this is the Personal Surveillance Identity Prosthetic for which Chicago… Read More »

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The Pivot to Passive

The waning hold of consumer control and the shift from screens to sensors The pivot to passive is the future of consumer digital technology, and with it will come a… Read More »


Branding and Marketing

Facebook: Just Another Brand Marketer

by Walker Smith The word is out. Big headlines. Facebook is running experiments with users’ news feeds. Apparently, shock and outrage are in order. But, honestly, I’m not sure why.… Read More »

Strategic Futures


Tech Trendscape 2014: CES Overview

The International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is over for another year, but the products and services announced there will have an impact throughout 2014 and beyond. Luckily for… Read More »

Big Data

Branding and Marketing

A Brand Marketers Guide To Big Data

One of the big questions on the table for brand marketers is what to do with Big Data. The presumption is that more data means better marketing, but finding the… Read More »


Branding and Marketing

Brand Marketing and the Future of New Media

These days, we tell ourselves that we are living in an era of new media. True enough, although maybe not quite so true as we like to think. It all… Read More »

Random Sampling


The Enduring Value of Random Sampling

There is a view in brand marketing research these days that random sampling is on its last legs. With tons of data in hand and real-time testing on the rise, many claim there… Read More »

New Rules for Retail


The Future Shopper

Henry Tucker, Deputy Managing Director at Kantar Futures and Steve Mader, Director – Digital Retail at Kantar Retail explore how changing shopper attitudes and technology are re-shaping retail.

Google Walk

Branding and Marketing

Brands And The New View Of Social Influence

There are two kinds of interaction in social webs – asking and telling. The traditional view of social influence is all about telling. The new view is more about asking,… Read More »

Illusion of Faster

Branding and Marketing

Brand Marketing and the Illusion of Faster

It’s said that the marketplace is cycling faster than ever these days. No doubt this is true, but at least a part of this sensation of a brisker pace is… Read More »