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Co-branded, Strategy

The Consumer Health Mindset Report 2017

This study explores the health attitudes, motivations, and preferences of consumers across the U.S.—particularly employees and their dependents—as they use their employer sponsored health plans and wellbeing programs and maneuver through the broader health landscape.

Co-branded, Strategy

The Consumer Health Mindset Report 2016

Presented by Aon Hewitt, National Business Group on Health and Kantar Futures New Perspectives. New Experiences. With all the complexities of the U.S. health care system, people consuming health care services… Read More »

High Value Work


High Value Employment

How employees can engage with high value work The business case for high value work is straightforward: it creates value for everyone. Businesses, employees and society all benefit from high… Read More »

21st Century Business


The 21st Century Business

Planning for success in a changing world The corporation is at a crossroads. The businesses that we have grown up with and the business models that underpin them face deep… Read More »

Loyalty Paradox

Branding and Marketing

Beyond the Loyalty Paradox

Customers are changing. They expect businesses to want to have an appropriate relationship with them, in which they get treated as human beings. And they’re more loyal to businesses that… Read More »

Rethinking Digital


Rethinking Digital Customer Engagement

by Walker Smith The biggest technology trend these days is about less of it not more. Perhaps most emblematic of this is the Personal Surveillance Identity Prosthetic for which Chicago… Read More »

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The Pivot to Passive

The waning hold of consumer control and the shift from screens to sensors The pivot to passive is the future of consumer digital technology, and with it will come a… Read More »



Healthcare Consumer Centricity

Engaging Consumers in Today’s Evolving Healthcare Marketplace —  The volume of healthcare headlines is astounding: Wonky websites, crass politics, numbers enrolled and not, invincibles, insurance plans, deadlines and when you Google… Read More »


Co-branded, Strategy

The Consumer Health Mindset Report 2014

Presented by Aon Hewitt, National Business Group on Health and Kantar Futures Every day we each take steps along our personal wellness journey. Those steps impact our personal lives, families and… Read More »

Consume Less

Branding and Marketing

Brand Marketing And The New World Of Less

Less is the future. Some of what’s less is structural. We are facing natural limits of critical resources including key metals and minerals, water, land proximate to economic hubs, and cheap energy supplies. Threats… Read More »

Big Data

Branding and Marketing

A Brand Marketers Guide To Big Data

One of the big questions on the table for brand marketers is what to do with Big Data. The presumption is that more data means better marketing, but finding the… Read More »


Branding and Marketing

Brand Building In A Hi-Tech World

Evgeny Morozov is a scold. Little if anything about the direction in which digital technologies are moving these days meets with his approval. Morozov is not alone. A small coterie of… Read More »

The Kinship Economy – TEDx Transcend


The Kinship Economy

J. Walker Smith, Executive Chairman of Kantar Futures The Kinship Economy: Profiting from Process, People & Purpose The consumer marketplace is in flux as never before; we’re not just talking about… Read More »

Consumer Health 2012


The Consumer Health Mindset Report 2012

For a second year, Kantar Futures has partnered with Aon Hewitt and the National Business Group on Health to conduct The Consumer Health Mindset study. This study explores perspectives, attitudes and… Read More »

Unlocking New Sources of Growth


FutureProof: Unlocking New Sources of Growth, Kinship Economy & More…

by Andrew Curry Growth and development are an overarching focus of business. The climate for growth in the 21st century is also changing, as resource pressures push up costs, and… Read More »