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Demographic Trends

Centennials – Unlocking Global Youth Insights

The current global youth generation, called Centennials, is an influential and well-informed cohort. As the oldest of the generation enters young adulthood, marketers and brands need to understand their values and behaviors to understand how Centennials are shaping the world around them.

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Defying Gravity:

Sources of Growth in a Slower Growth Global Economy

by J. Walker Smith, Andrew Curry, Joe Ballantyne and Mark Inskip Slower growth is the new normal for the global economy, and it has business leaders worried. The fear is… Read More »

Demographic Trends

Baby Boomers

Watch the Mad Men Season 7 DVD bonus content on Baby Boomers featuring Kantar Futures’ generational experts, J. Walker Smith and Ann Clurman.

Millennials Left Building

Demographic Trends

The Millennials have left the building

It’s time to face the facts—the Era of Millennial Youth Marketing is over. A new generation has arrived—one that will create new rules for the marketplace, and have influence beyond… Read More »

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Demographic Trends

Gen X Infographic

An infographic on Generation X.

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Demographic Trends

Centennial Infographic

Centennials are growing up with a less idealistic and more pragmatic edge. They’re facing situations that the Millennials didn’t have to deal with until early adulthood, and as a result,… Read More »


Branding and Marketing

Brands Must Proactively Build Systems Of Trust

by Walker Smith As any banker will tell you, the moment a bank is forced to ask depositors for trust is the very moment at which, for all practical purposes,… Read More »

Consume Less

Branding and Marketing

Brand Marketing And The New World Of Less

Less is the future. Some of what’s less is structural. We are facing natural limits of critical resources including key metals and minerals, water, land proximate to economic hubs, and cheap energy supplies. Threats… Read More »

Life Twist


The American Express LifeTwist Study

Foreword written by The Futures Company In the last decade, American society has undergone a transformation brought on by a world of accelerated change. This has been exacerbated by a… Read More »

The Kinship Economy – TEDx Transcend


The Kinship Economy

J. Walker Smith, Executive Chairman of Kantar Futures The Kinship Economy: Profiting from Process, People & Purpose The consumer marketplace is in flux as never before; we’re not just talking about… Read More »

Understanding Sources


Unlocking New Sources of Growth

Introduction: New sources of growth Growth and development are an overarching focus of business. This is true even for businesses that are not looking to expand; products and services that… Read More »



How to Sustain Sustainability?

Why companies need to engage their brands Brands and companies are waking up to a new inconvenient truth Al Gore introduced us to the Inconvenient Truth half a decade ago,… Read More »

Unmasking Millennials

Demographic Trends

Unmasking Millennials

Global segmentation which unpicks the myths and realities about the generation of twenty-somethings now taking center stage in the global economy.