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Branding and Marketing, Demographic Trends, Macroforces (Technology/Economy), Strategy

Defying Gravity:

Sources of Growth in a Slower Growth Global Economy

by J. Walker Smith, Andrew Curry, Joe Ballantyne and Mark Inskip Slower growth is the new normal for the global economy, and it has business leaders worried. The fear is… Read More »

Understanding Sources


Unlocking New Sources of Growth

Introduction: New sources of growth Growth and development are an overarching focus of business. This is true even for businesses that are not looking to expand; products and services that… Read More »

World 2020

Emerging Markets, Strategy

The World in 2020

Introduction The world in 2020 will be very different from that of 2011, and certainly from 2000. During the long globalizing boom since the 1980s, we became accustomed to navigating… Read More »