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21st Century Business


The 21st Century Business

Planning for success in a changing world The corporation is at a crossroads. The businesses that we have grown up with and the business models that underpin them face deep… Read More »



A New Sustainability Springboard for Retailers in Eurasia and Africa

A new model for sustainable development in Eurasia and Africa Researched and written for the Eurasia & Africa Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council, this publicly available report calls for the ‘re-imagining’… Read More »

Brand Simplicity

Branding and Marketing

Simplification: Opportunity For Brands

Simplification is not a trend. That’s not to say it’s unimportant. It’s only to say that you should look askance when you hear simplification being bandied about as the next… Read More »

Golf 2020


Golf’s 2020 Vision

The trends which will shape the future of golf are the same trends that are shaping the future of the planet: the shift towards Asia, the increasing feminization of the… Read More »

Sustainability Disruption


Using sustainability to disrupt markets and categories

FutureProof is Kantar Futures’ regular briefing about current global strategic and consumer issues. This edition of FutureProof has sustainability as its main theme. This can be a difficult subject for… Read More »



How to Sustain Sustainability?

Why companies need to engage their brands Brands and companies are waking up to a new inconvenient truth Al Gore introduced us to the Inconvenient Truth half a decade ago,… Read More »