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% totally agree: I regularly use my mobile device (e.g. iPhone, Blackberry, Android) while I'm shopping in a store to search for information about a product*

*among those who own a mobile device that can access the Internet
Source: Global MONITOR 2014

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22 July 2014

Understanding Continuity, Apple's solution for #FixingFragmentation across the spectrum of device categories (Link One, Link Two) Inside the life of a pro gamer; also, Chinese gamer team wins Dota2 championship — scoring $5 million prize (Link One, Link Two) Luxury on rails: Japan's JR East unveils its uber-plush experiential "Cruise Train," Seven Stars in Kyushu […]

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16 July 2014

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is now definitively the thing: Apple and IBM team up to saturate the enterprise with iOS devices. (Link One, Link Two) How much is a messaging app really worth? Korean-owned, Japanese-based LINE files for an IPO (Link One, Link Two) Helsinki, Finland will offer a one-stop app for car-sharing, bike-sharing, […]

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14 July 2014

Samsung and the perils of commodification (Link One, Link Two) Read new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s memo about his vision for the future of the company (Link One, Link Two) Senor Pago raises $1MM to launch in Mexico, wants to be Square for the unbanked (Link One, Link Two) MakerBots being sold in Home Depot. […]

The Supreme Court just killed Aereo — but that won't stop "Cloud Television" from happening


TechFlash June 25, 2014

Rapid reaction to real-time technology shifts from the leads of The Futures Company's technology and media practice

25 June 2014

In a 6-3 decision today, the Supreme Court struck down a ruling that upheld the legality of Aereo’s “cloud DVR” service

Amazon announced the Fire Phone this week. Just how big a deal is it?


TechFlash June 19, 2014

Rapid reaction to real-time technology shifts from the leads of The Futures Company's technology and media practice

19 June 2014

Jeff Bezos unveils the latest addition to the e-commerce titan's portfolio of products designed to make shopping more frictionless and shoppers more loyal: The Amazon Fire Phone.

Future-facing retro technology could be the answer for cheaper internet in Africa


Trend & Tonic

10 June 2014

White Space Technology is an exciting and disruptive innovation that capitalizes on the gaps in the wireless spectrum currently being freed up as TV moves from analog to digital.

Top stories from CES 2014


From Trend & Tonic: Top Stories from CES

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30 January 2014

At the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, our team sought out new shifts in the CE industry and consumer behavior overall in technology and media.