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Data Snapshot

% of respondents that totally agree "I couldn't get by without my cell phone/smart phone"

Source: US Yankelovich MONITOR 2012

Top stories from CES 2014


From Trend & Tonic: Top Stories from CES

Our trends & culture blog

30 January 2014

At the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, our team sought out new shifts in the CE industry and consumer behavior overall in technology and media.

Apple’s patent for connected smarthome approved


Trend & Tonic

Our trends & culture blog

25 November 2013

Apple has just received patent approval for a home ecosystem that takes advantage of everything being internet-enabled to simplify your life.

Social Media Shakeup



Excerpt from the MONITOR Minute

13 November 2013

Facebook is starting to decline, especially among teens.

Has the mobile payments puzzle finally been solved?


Trend & Tonic

Our trends & culture blog

4 November 2013

A startup called Loop is attempting to succeed where bigger corporations have failed by introducing a mobile payments platform that works without requiring the seller to install new hardware at the register.

Social media vs “here we go again”


Social media vs “here we go again”

From The Futures Blog

22 August 2013

Toxic haze in Singapore and Malaysia, floods in the Philippines, and an insensitive snapshot with a dead dolphin in China: Asia is buzzing with chatter about how we’re treating the natural world, and how it’s treating us back.

Earning karma the easy way


Trend & Tonic

Our trends & culture blog

16 July 2013

There’s a new wifi hotspot on the block with an innovative value proposition: share your wifi with strangers to get free bandwidth.

You're invited to a Trends Party



7 Signals from the edge to watch in 2013

26 February 2013

Trend & Tonic contributors invite you to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Trend & Tonic as they walk us through the now and next of all seven trends at this Futures Company house party.