U.S. Yankelovich MONITOR

US Yankelovich MONITOR

U.S. Yankelovich MONITOR

Offer overview

What it is

A powerful resource for fueling business growth

Explores the context in which brands will operate in the future, delivering intelligence to strengthen your strategy, planning and execution

“Through the application of Yankelovich MONITOR data and insights, The Futures Company has helped us to identify the most relevant consumer trends for our business and leverage the most actionable dynamics to take advantage of growth opportunities.”

Consumer Insights Manager, Trends, Fortune 500 Company

  • Foundational platform for the tracking, explanation and exploration of the consumer marketplace
  • A view into the hearts and minds of today’s American consumers to help identify and unlock new sources of growth now and into the future
  • Interpretation of what changing consumer and marketplace dynamics mean for marketers’ strategic and tactical planning
  • Anchored in The Futures Company’s expert quantitative research and qualitative observations
    • Supported by robust survey of more 4,000+ respondents (nationally representative) using a mixed methodology
  • A resource that expands thinking about the possibilities for business growth: new product ideas, target groups, communication themes, distribution channels, marketing and promotion programs

What does it do for you?

Enriches your breadth and depth of consumer understanding

Trends, concepts and marketplace examples synthesized to strengthen your understanding of key marketplace dynamics and help establish the right connections with consumers – near term and long term

Strengthens your brand and category planning

A rich, robust source of quantitative tracking data to shed light on trends, pinpoint emerging opportunities and provide inspiration in a slow-growth economy

Enhances your high-level strategizing

“Bringing the outside in” to optimize planning and future-proof strategies by understanding the context in which brands will operate in the future

Generates greater intimacy through dynamic profiling

An easy way to enrich and expand understanding of key targets, including proprietary segmentations and brand users

Improves your odds of identifying new growth opportunities ahead of your competitors

An ongoing stream of engaging thought-leadership material that provides you with:

  • Interesting, inspiring hooks for brainstorming and planning processes
  • Conversation-starters to use with clients / stakeholders
  • POVs on emerging issues to keep you ‘ahead of the curve’
  • The latest must-knows about key targets , e.g., aging Boomers, post-recession Millennials, middle-class families, etc.

What’s different about our approach?

  • Our inspiration: We understand that tomorrow’s brand growth demands smarter foresight-led thinking today
  • The know-how: We have a rich heritage of monitoring and anticipating shifts in the consumer marketplace
  • A broad view: We assess a wide range of information as we shape our perspective, including ‘macro’ forces of change, deeper cultural factors, established and emerging trends – all validated through quantitative, qualitative and observational insights
  • Meaningful connections: We are experts in combining and synthesizing different resources and marketplace dynamics to identify opportunities with genuine commercial value
  • Accessibility: We provide an ongoing and timely stream of content in formats that are easy to digest and easy to share – and readily available via by our online Futures Gateway

MONITOR Minute & Futures5

The MONITOR Minute and Futures5 are emailed to subscribers on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month. An archive is accessible 24/7 on the Futures Gateway

What are they?

Monthly newsletters that keep you up to speed on the latest trends and developments shaping the marketplace today and into the future MONITOR Minute: Concise analysis and summary of an important trend or consumer values shift that suggests opportunity for business growth View a sample Futures5: New commentary on five developments shaping the future marketplace, curated from around the web View a sample

Why do you need them?

  • Focus on the need-to-know issues and topics of the moment to ensure you don’t miss any business-critical foresight
  • Delivered in a quick-read format that easily integrates into your own day-to-day work

LIVE Spotlight Series

The LIVE Spotlight webinar series is held on the third Wednesday of every month at noon (Eastern time zone)

What is it?

A monthly webinar series that takes a deep, informative and engaging look at key consumer groups and trends in the marketplace. Regularly scheduled sessions are perfect for “lunch and learn” events; replays and accompanying presentation decks with embedded transcript are posted on The Futures Gateway afterward in case you miss the LIVE

Why do you need it?

  • Provides thoughtful analysis of important target groups and trend developments in an informative and entertaining format
  • To socialize consumer and trend intelligence within your organization
  • Provides an opportunity for LIVE Q&A with senior Futures Company thought leaders

“The recent LIVE on the Introduction to the U.S. Yankelovich MONITOR was particularly great. It just felt so real and true to my brand’s particular challenges. It really resonated with me. I appreciated that it stripped out marketing speech and crystallized the thoughts into easy-to-understand points.”

Holly Braunsdorf - Ally

J. Walker Smith’s MONITOR FutureView

The MONITOR FutureView web conference is presented each year in mid-December

What is it?

A future focussed webinar presented by Executive Chairman, J. Walker Smith, reflecting on the major marketplace developments likely to shape the year to come

Recent topics include:

  • Engaging Consumers in a Big Data Future: From Consumers at Arm's Length to Arm's Reach (2012)
  • We Are Family: Process Over Product & The Kinship Economy (2011)
  • A Culture of Contentment: Building Brands in a Marketplace of Intimacy, Anxiety and Meaning (2010)

Why do you need it?

  • Better understand the broad dynamics shaping the marketplace and how to leverage them in the future
  • A source of inspiration from “one of America’s leading analysts on consumer trends” (Fortune Magazine)

U.S. Macroeconomic Foresights

The Macroeconomic Foresights brief is emailed to subscribers every three months

What is it?

A brief quarterly perspective on an important economic development shaping the U.S. marketplace with an analysis of short- and long-term meaning for marketers View a sample

Why do you need it?

  • Synthesizes and keeps you up to speed on the latest macroeconomic developments
  • Gives you insight into an important economic issue that affects the growth potential of your business

“The deep truth is that the brands we know today were developed and deployed for a global economy that no longer exists.”

The State of the Consumer Summary

The State of the Consumer summary is made available each year in September

What is it?

An annual big-picture perspective that identifies critical emerging consumer attitudes, lifestyles and values from the U.S. Yankelovich MONITOR research and knowledge base Delivered in an annotated, visually engaging PowerPoint presentation to facilitate sharing and incorporation into your day-to-day work

Recent consumer dynamics include:

  • Energy Around Self-Protection
  • Refreshing the Ground Rules
  • A Thirst for Color

Why do you need it?

  • Explores the most important consumer and marketplace shifts so your planning can reflect how the market is moving and where it is heading
  • Provides essential contextual backdrop to your planning and marketing initiatives

MONITOR Download

Click image for a sample Download on Millennials

What is it?

MONITOR Download is a series of interactive graphics summarizing the most important insights related to key consumer segments and topics of interest to our U.S. MONITOR clients. Targets and topics may include:

  • Generational cohorts (Millennials, Xers, Boomers, Matures)
  • Men and Women
  • Customer Service, Trust, Sustainability, Mobile Technology

Why do you need it?

  • Get the download on segments and topics that are likely to create opportunities and challenges for your business in the future
  • Delivered in an easy-to-use, quick-take format that provides critical foresight for your business, without an overabundance of information that you and your team must sift through to get to the most important content

MONITOR Database

What is it?

A rich and comprehensive database of current-year and tracking data delivered in easy-to-use standard table formats (mTabs, Word or Excel) and your choice of more customized formats—a custom banner or Reports for Surveys data set

Why do you need it?

  • Provides robust, reliable quantitative support for understanding and communicating shifts in consumers’ attitudes, values and lifestyles
  • Identifies differences between key segments of interest, including gender, generations, income levels, parental status and more
  • Available in several formats to integrate into the way you need to use the MONITOR data

Some of the topics covered in the U.S. Yankelovich MONITOR

Financial anxiety and attitudes around personal finances

Consumer anger and push-back against government and business

Cultural openness and insularity

Friends, family and networks

Shifting consumer attitudes about technology

Physical and emotional health and wellness

Generations (Millennials, Generation X, Baby Boomers and Matures)

Attitudes about brands and marketing

Risk perceptions, (e.g. privacy, security, trust, etc.)

Time pressure, stress and simplification

Sustainability and “green” attitudes

Materialism, post-materialism and experience seeking


Click here for more information on MONITOR Connect.

What is it?

A service that enables linkage of brand or category specific questions into the Yankelovich MONITOR surveys, allowing the ability to cut and organize the data by the consumer groups and target segments most important to your organization

Why do you need it?

  • View marketplace trends and MONITOR insights organized by the consumer segments or groupings that matter most to your business
  • Provides a broader perspective on the results from brand tracking attitudes and usage and concept testing research
  • Refreshes and enhances existing customer segmentation with new data, ideas and insights

MONITOR Activate

What is it?

An 2-hour interactive session that combines a high-level exploration of key dynamics shaping the marketplace with proven exercises designed to help your teams begin to identify, prioritize and take action on the resulting challenges and growth opportunities for your business Led by The Futures Company’s experienced and engaging consumer experts, Activate helps you translate the critical insights from MONITOR into action and growth for your business

Why do you need it?

  • Facilitates deeper thinking on how the MONITOR dynamics are likely to create challenges and opportunities for your business
  • Provides a mechanism for action planning—what your teams can go do, investigate and explore to capitalize on opportunities and get ahead of challenges

MONITOR Immersion Workshop

What is it?

A full-day workshop that combines both:

  • In-depth MONITOR State of the Consumer presentation of key consumer and marketplace dynamics critical to your business
  • Extended MONITOR Activate session(s) with a series of proven exercises designed to help you identify, prioritize and take action to create growth opportunities for your business

Led by The Futures Company’s experienced and engaging consumer experts, the MONITOR Immersion Workshop will ensure your teams are fully immersed in consumer and marketplace understanding and are prepared to take action to create future growth for your business

Why do you need it?

  • Socializes valuable consumer and marketplace knowledge throughout your business via a customized presentation followed by either one 6-hour session or a series of two 3-hour sessions
  • Proven immersion and activation exercises facilitate deeper thinking on the challenges and opportunities that your business is likely to face as a result of the MONITOR dynamics
  • Provides a mechanism for action planning—what your teams can go do, investigate and explore to capitalize on opportunities and get ahead of challenges